E X T R E M E  R A V E  M U S I C


neoqor logo white 2020 png frenchcore hardcore

"Somewhere in Texas, there sits an entity furiously cranking out loud & aggressive electronic noises which--much to the displeasure of the vast majority of the world's population--he and many others consider "music".

This entity, also code-named "NeoQor", has managed to commandeer several high-powered audio systems, projecting this dangerous noise from atop stages in every corner of the United States & into hundreds of thousands of ear cavities all over the world, dealing insurmountable levels of damage to hearing and general sense of safety.

This so-called "music”, has been deemed a menace to society and a public health hazard by authorities, as it has been shown to induce undesirable effects in its listeners. Such effects include:

-Uncontrollable body spasms
-Gratuitous whistle-tooting
-Unsolicited "collab bro?'s"
-Inappropriate fist-pumping
-Phat hakk-chucking
-Street brawls
...and the occasional case of indigestion.

And yet---he does not stop. 

Like a machine, he continues on relentlessly, cranking out more and more of this "extreme rave music" unblinkingly and without any hesitation or second thoughts.

God help us all..."